6 weeks-12 months



$210/M, W, F

$170/T, TH

Our Beginners represent our 6wk to 12mo old stars. We take pride in equipping them with a sense of love and care before they begin their journey. 


12 months-2 yr. olds



$190/M, W,  F

$155/T, TH

Our Steppers represent our 12mo to 2yr old stars. It is our duty to equip them with thorough explanations of the new world around them, as they strive to figure out who they are. 


2/3 yr. olds



$185/M, W,  F

$170/T, TH

Our Cruisers represent our 2yr to 3yr old stars. They are provided with the essentials they’ll need to begin decoding life’s many equations. 


3/4 yr. olds



$170/M, W,  F

$135/T, TH

Our Explorers represent our 3yr to 4yr old starts. Under our program, these lively little humans gain the intellectual care package they’ll need to navigate life’s journey. 


4/5 yr. olds



$165/M, W,  F

$130/T, TH

Our Challengers represent our 4yr to 5yr old stars. Our dedicated staff provides our Challengers with the knowledge and confidence to take on the future and anything it may bring.